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NO Time Clock is Easier to Install and Use.  Period.

PC Timeclock    -    ReallSimple

The EASY way to Track Employee / Project Hours.

For Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Win 7 thru 10.
Reliable - the FIRST Timeclock written for PC's OVER 30 years ago.

"Punch" using any "PC" Keyboard - or Remotely by Phone.
Standalone or Networked  -  NO extra Hardware Required.
Handles Weekly, Biweekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly PayPeriods.
Accrues Sick, Vacation, Regular, Other, Overtime, Total Hours.

Timecards show ALL Punches - for any Payperiod - on One screen.
Daysheets show ALL Punches - for any Date selected - on One screen.
Simple Direct Editing of Punches - using Either Timecards or Daysheets.
Daysheet is "In-Out" Board - showing: Who is Where - working on What.

Use as a simple Timeclock - or a complete Employee / Project Manager.
Shows exactly how much time Employees spend on specific jobs or tasks.
Click Column Headers to quickly Sort by Punch Times, Reg Hrs, OT Hrs, etc.
Timecards / Daysheets show Sick / Vacation Hrs available for each Employee.

Column Sort shows who Punched first, last to lunch, most hours, etc.
MS Access Database Exports to Excel, csv - for your own custom reports.
Optional Digital Persona FingerPrint Sensor prevents 'Buddy Punching'.
Can print Employee Badges with Pictures and Barcodes - for Punching.

Employees Punch just "once" into NEW Activity - when changing Tasks.
Employees create your Management Database for you - as they 'Punch'.
Calendar shows when Employee Reviews are due, Birthdays, and DayNotes.
Four level password protection prevents unauthorized use or tampering.

Simple for One-Employee Business - Powerful enough for Thousands.
Can handle Unlimited Employees, Departments, Activities, Punches.
Reminds Manager when Employee Reviews are due - improves Productivity.
Daynote reminder - Set Time for Alarm to ring at one or All Workstations.

Absence tracking shows "who-when-why" of Absences, with Memos column.
If PunchNote is left for Employee - they can't Punch until note is acknowledged.
Make PunchNotes to certain Employees, specific Activities, or Everyone.

Tracks 4 types of Overtime - sorts who has Least - to who has Most hours.
Awards OT Hours only if Employee is designated 'OT Eligible' by Management.
Quickly shows PayPeriod, Overtime, QTD, YTD Employee or Activity hours.


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