Activity Tracking

Optional - Although one of PC Timeclock's most powerful features.
Many businesses desire only a Timeclock - and don't need this function.
They use only our default Activity - 'None'.

Some Managers however, want to know EXACT Hours spent on Tasks / Clients.
Your Employees create the PcTc Database FOR YOU - as they 'Punch'.
Keep it SIMPLE - consider IF and HOW Activity Tracking could help YOUR situation.
When deciding to create your own Activities - keep Employee Compliance in mind.

Some Managers Pay Employees with few or zero missed-punches - One Day early.
Treat ALL Employees equally - announce new procedures to ALL Employees.
Check with your local Labor Board before implementing new rules.

To change Activities - Employees punch ONCE - into NEW Activity.
They will automatically be punched 'OUT' - of any prior Activity.
By design, Employees can be working in only ONE Activity at a time.

However - Managers can create Activities that 'Micro-Track' hours -
'Jones-Ship' could mean Employee is collecting / packing materials, for client Jones.

Click Activity Column-Headers using Daysheets, Timecards, Hour Totals -
to 'Sort' and see the WHO and WHERE of your Employee Hours.

Lower Worker's Comp rates by documenting Hazard v. Non-Hazard 'Activities' -
'Estimate', 'Clerical', 'Inventory', 'Road' - have lower rates than 'Roof' or 'Carpenter'.

You can create as many Activities as you like - but again - SIMPLE is good.
Activity selected on Employee Data Screen should be where Employee "usually" works.

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