Employee Data


Provides a SINGLE location for inputing all Employee Information.
Click "View, EmpList" to View / Edit Employee Data in "Spreadsheet" format.

Only FOUR fields are 'Required' - Last Name, First Name, Punch Code, Activity.
The other fields are optional - you can fill them at any time in the future.

Use our default Activity 'None' - or create as many Activities as you like.
Your Employees will be creating the Database FOR YOU - as they 'Punch'.
Lower Worker's Comp rates by documenting Hazard v. Non-Hazard 'Activities'.
See Activity Tracking for more information.

Activity selected here should be "default" Activity, where Employee "usually" works.
After an Activitiy is selected, default values are inserted into appropriate fields.
Employee Pictures are optional and can be scanned, or taken with a Digital Camera.

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