Punch Options -

Keyboard -  Most Businesses have their Employees use existing Keyboards to 'Punch' PC Timeclock at their Workstations, or at a computer located near an entrance. NO additional charge for networking on the same LAN o WAN (Local / Wide area Networks). See bottom of this page for "PC Timeclock Punch Screens".

Remote Punching by Phone -  Various Remote Access apps for Computers, Android and iPhones are available. The cost is free or minimal, and they are VERY easy to install. All will allow an Employee to Remotely "Punch" PC Timeclock. The PC must have an Active Internet Connection.

A "Remote Punch" will appear as though the Employee was sitting at the Keyboard where the Remote App is Hosted. Most Businesses using Remote Punching will create a set of 'Activities' in PC Timeclock - that define "Where and What" the "Remote" Employees are doing.

Imagine simply opening PC Timeclock's Daysheet - and immediately seeing Where and What ALL your Employees are doing - on ONE SORTABLE SCREEN !

Remote Access Apps are EXTREMELY useful, and each business should evaluate them for your own particular needs. Remember, Remote Access Apps can also be used for Off-Site Backup (See "Helpfile, Backup"). We list a few Venders here, in no particular order:


See also:   Best Free Remote Access Software

Barcode Readers -  Used for security, or to make it easier for Employees to change Activities. PC Timeclock prints Barcodes on Employee Badges, with Employee pictures if desired. Requires a Barcode Reader.

Magnetic Strip Readers -  May also be considered for security, however they require additional cost of buying and programming magnetic cards, which are often lost.

FingerPrint Readers -  See: www.digitalpersona.com   USB models from $80; more for those built into Keyboards. Stand-Alone USB sensor is ~1.5" square, 1/4" high.

1)  Cheaper than Barcode and Magnetic Strip Readers.
2)  More reliable, not affected by dust or swipe speed.
3)  Eliminates hassel of maintaining cards.
4)  NO maintenance.  Fingers almost never wear out.
5)  Prevents "Buddy Punching", when one Employee punches for another.
6)  NO Lost or forgotten Cards.
7)  Can also secure computer access or documents, eliminating Passwords.

PC Timeclock Punch Screens - 

PC Timeclock's main screen, used for Employee Punching / Manager Access.
Employees Enter their "Punch Code", and may select alternate "Activities".

When a valid "Punch Code" is entered, the day's Punch Information appears.
The screen shows Total Hrs worked today, and optionally, Total Hrs this Payperiod.

If a "PunchNote" has been left for the Employee or Activity -
the Employee can't "Punch" until the Note is "Acknowledged".
PunchNotes can be left for a single Employee, certain Activities, or Everyone.
There is no easier way to "Get the Word Out".

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