Calendar -  

Calendar shows DayNotes, Employee Review due dates,
and Employee Birthdays (if entered).

Right-Click any Date - and that Daysheet will appear.
Move Calendar and Daysheet to different areas of screen -
PC Timeclock remembers Last-Used screen locations.

B, N, R, appear on appropriate Dates - and also in the
Birthday - Note - Review Lists below Calendar.
Nothing is more crucial - than Regular Employee Reviews.

Create any number of DayNotes - of any length.
Just Left-Click Date desired - and Enter the Note(s) below.
'Calendar, DayNotes' shows Notes in Spreadsheet format.

Optional Alarms Sound / Flash on Computer that created
the DayNote - or on All Workstations on your Network.

If Alarm is set, Window opens at Alarm time, on top of
any application in use.  Can be used to 'Instant Message'.

TimeClock Calendar


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