Cost Savings -

Intentional or not - if ONE Employee pinches 7 minutes at each 'Punch' - it can cost you ~30 mins/day.
That's perhaps 120 hours each year, for each Employee.   Run this with your own numbers -
With 20 Employees averaging $10/hr, this amounts to $25,000.00 lost each and every year.

1)   Payroll is the Greatest Expense in running most ANY business.
2)   Many Businesses STILL use hand-written Timesheets or 'ka-thunk' Timeclocks that merely 'stamp' the current time.
3)   Managers spend needless HOURS checking Timecards and preparing payroll MANUALLY.
4)   PC Timeclock WILL save you money by reducing Payroll hours - and freeing Managers for other tasks.
5)   For over 25 yrs - PC Timeclock has been the SIMPLEST way to track Employee and Project Hours.   PERIOD.

Don't buy expensive Wall-Mount Timeclock's that don't give you the Visual Displays you need.
Don't buy "Swipe Stations" with maintenance contracts that don't make your job easier AT ALL.
PC Timeclock turns your EXISTING PC's - into the simplest, cheapest, most powerful Timeclock available.

Accurate time tracking is just the beginning.  PC Timeclock has many other cost and time saving features.
Leave PunchNotes for any individual or "group" of employees, working in certain Departments, or specific Projects.
It is impossible to grasp how much you're losing by not doing Employee Reviews on schedule...  We gently REMIND you.

'EmployeeNotes' is a secure, instantly accessible space, where you can quickly Document: attendance issues, 'improvements', classes, attitudes, warnings, you name it.  No more "waiting" to find and locate their files.
Begin using PC Timeclock as a simple Timeclock. Later use the 25+ years of additional features.

Employees build your Database as they are Punching - enabling you to track Employee, Client, or Project hours very easily.
PC Timeclock is simple and flexible, working as well in a 2 person office, or a 250 Employee Construction Company.

Add it up. How much TIME have you LOST - performing any - or all - of the following...

1)   Locating, Reading, Editing and Calculating Employee Hours using your current system.
2)   Chasing down Employees, trying to compare, guesstimate and correct "missed punches".
3)   What ARE they doing?   Activity Tracking shows Where and What Employees are doing EVERY minute.
4)   Recording, Figuring, Accruing and Awarding Sick and Vacation Hours. We do that for you.
5)   Communication.  Getting the word out to all or certain groups of Employees.  We handle it.
6)   Figuring exactly how much time anyone, or everyone, spent on a particular client or project.
7)   Maintaining Employee records - documenting absences, classes, extra pay, bonuses etc.
8)   Trying to achieve Employee Compliance with your workplace policies.  We Help you.
9)   Juggling Employees to avoid Over-Time.  You'll INSTANTLY know who's approaching Overtime.
10)  Inputing Employee Hours Manually.  Your Employees will now create your Database - as they Punch.
11)  Employee Reviews - We gently REMIND you to perform this VERY important function like Clockwork.
12)  Locating Employee records and documenting Employee infractions.  We make it Simple.

Try PC Timeclock with your own Employees -
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