Daysheets   Reviewing and Editing Punches is SIMPLE ...

The ONLY software showing ALL punches, for ANY date selected - on ONE screen.
The ONLY software with DIRECT "Same-Screen" editing using Timecards / Daysheets.


Activity tracking is optional - NO Extra cost - but EASY to use if desired.
Green/Red Dots at Left Margin - show managers WHO is WHERE doing WHAT.
Lower "Activity" area Totals Employee Hours currently working in each Activity.

Horizontal "Split-Screen" between Employees and Activities is adjustable.
Shows Last Review, Next Review; Available Sick/Vacation Hrs for each Employee.
Click Top-Right boxes - to show Employee Pictures, Employee Note Screen, etc.

Click Column Headers to sort who arrived first, who has most hours, Overtime, etc.
Scan to previous or next day by clicking mouse, or by using Alt + Left/Right Arrows.
See Where and What ALL Employees are doing - on ONE sortable screen. 

"Punch Location" at Lower-Right names Computer where Punch or Edit occurred.
Indicates Punch-Type: KB Keyboard, BC Barcode, MS MagStrip, FP Fingerprint.

No other Timeclock is easier to install and use.    Period.

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