Payroll Options

Before running Payroll, use 'View, Timecards' to Check and Edit Punches.
Red/Green Dots at Timecard Left Margin - help locate any Missed Punches.

'View, Hour Totals' Screen provides all information necessary to run Payroll.
Use 'File, Print to print the Hour Totals report for your own Hard-Copy records.
There are several ways to Export the PcTc Database to other programs -

1)  CSV:  Use 'File, Run CSV Timecard Batch'. The .csv (Comma-Separated-Variable) format is the industry standard, and can be read by most Spreadsheet, Word Processing, Accounting, and Payroll packages such as MS Excel, Word, etc.

2) MS Access:  Use 'Utilities, Export to MS Access'. Note LOCATION of exported file.
You can use this copy of PC Timeclock's .mdb file to create custom reports.

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