Prices  Based upon how many Employees will 'Punch'.

Employee Capacity Annual Cost
Up to  5  Employees 29.99
Up to 15 Employees 79.99
Up to 30 Employees 129.99
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* $69.99 fee to increase Employee Capacity Between Renewals...

Annual Cost' above is per Business - NOT per Employee.
NO added charge for Networking to computers at ONE site.
NO added charge for Punching Remotely from cell phones.

Free Download is FULL program - not a crippled 'Demo'.
Evaluate PC Timeclock FREE - using your own Employees.
After 30 days, a message will ask if you want to "Register".
Just click Registration near Top-Left of

After inputing ChargeCard info, a Registration "Key" will be Emailed to you which will unlock program. Pricing includes "PC Timeclock" Software and Unlimited Support for one year.

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