Timecards   Reviewing and Editing Punches is SIMPLE ...

The ONLY software showing ALL punches for any Payperiod, on ONE screen.
The ONLY software with DIRECT same-screen editing - using Timecards or Daysheets.


Green/Red indicators at left margin, quickly locate "missed punches".
Use Mouse or Alt + Up/Dn Arrows, to access Previous/Next Employee's Timecard.

Activity tracking is optional - NO Extra cost - but EASY to use if desired.
Shows All Activities Used, or specfic Activities, by using Activity Selection Dropdown.
User defined (Green/Yellow) OverTime weeks continue into next Payperiod if desired.

Yellow Icons show Defaults: First Employee,  Current Payperiod,  Activities used, etc.
Far right column shows a ">" marker when more punches are present.
Up to 12 punches can be made each day for EACH Activity the Employee Punches in.

"Punch Location" at Lower-Right names Computer where Punch or Edit occurred.
Indicates Punch 'Type': KB Keyboard, BC Barcode, MS MagStrip, FP Fingerprint.

No other Timeclock is easier to install and use.    Period.

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